Safety Policy

At J.K.Infra-Utilities Pvt. Ltd. we are very much concerned about the Health and Safety of all our Employees. We therefore ensure that all our employees are fully covered under ESIC Scheme & Workmen’s Compensation Policy and every project is covered under CAR / EAR policy.

We expect all employees to be safety-conscious, follow safety rules, and immediately alert management about any conditions in the work place / site that are believed to be unsafe or unhealthy.

Accident prevention is important for the well being of our employees and visitors and we ensure to take all the necessary preventive measures. Violation of safety and security rules is a serious offense in J. K. Infra-Utilities Pvt. Ltd. In case of any such contravention a warranting disciplinary action, including termination is affected.

J. K. Infra-Utilities Pvt. Ltd. is sincerely interested in the safety and well-being of the employees. The Company therefore makes every effort to keep all the office equipment, machinery & tools tackles in excellent condition and we make sure that all safety devices are working properly.

If, in spite of our efforts to ensure safe working conditions, an employee meets with an accident or becomes ill on the job, it is ensured by the management that prompt medical attention is provided to the employee.